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Welcome sport lovers (or those that are plain lucky) to the mining people foot-e-tipping site.

Join Australia’s largest mining recruitment company foot-e-tipping competition . Sign up for FREE at foot-e-tipping and win some fantastic prizes.

With $1000 cash up for grabs in both the NRL and AFL tipping competitions, weekly prizes, and the ability to manage your own office competition on our site, our foot-e-tipping comp is the best in the resource industry.

  • $1000 cash prize to the winner of both the AFL and NRL competitions
  • CREATE and MANAGE your very own office tipping competition within our site for both the AFL and NRL codes
  • It's the number one tipping competition for the Resource Industry
  • It's FREE!!
  • Weekly Prizes up for grabs so you ALWAYS have a chance to win!

Mining People’s tipping competition is free, and open to those working actively in the resource industry – tell your friends and colleagues.

You just have to register and put your tips in. Mining People will do the rest, including calculate winners, margins, and ladders, email your results and if you forget to tip, Mining People with even tip for you.

Features Include:

  • The ability to tip again all other tippers in the competition
  • Reminder email to be sent to all tippers who forget to enter their tips
  • Results sent via email to all tippers are each round
  • Fantastic weekly prizes and Final Prize of $1000.00 Cash
  • Ability to run your own site or office competition within the MPi comp. Click here for details.

To join Mining People foot-e-tipping, Click here

So get started now and join in the fun.

Create your office tipping competition at MPi

Mining People are offering the best tipping comp for people in mining and resources Australia wide and overseas.

We’ve added more features at foot-e-tipping. You can now run your office tipping competition online for free via the site. Test your skills against your work mates! Click here for details.

You don’t need to do anything other than set up your competition, ask your users to join and we do the rest.

  • It’s free and costs nothing to enter.
  • You can have just a handful of tippers or many.
  • It's administered independently and takes all the hassle out of running the competition.
  • It can be accessed from anywhere and people can put their tips in whilst they are out on break.
  • It's mobile friendly.
  • You set up your own prizes and also the costs for entering your competition.
  • You can set up teams so that SITE1 might be able to compete with SITE2.

Join Australia’s largest mining recruitment company foot-e-tipping competition. Sign up for FREE at foot-e-tipping and win some fantastic prizes.

So get started, create and competition, learn more or search for a competition to join.